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Uniquely, the VIC’ courses are designed so that you will have different classes for your skills (grammar, writing, reading, listening & speaking) that are always at your level. 

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The Program is dedicated to students and is designed to maximize your time in Vancouver by combining English study, Canadian culture and activities. From day one, you will feel part of an amazing experience, one that you will never forget!

  • GRAMMAR – 75% 75% 75%
  • VOCABULARY – 100% 100% 100%
  • SPEAKING – 100% 100% 100%
  • WRITING – 75% 75% 75%
  • PRESENTATION- 75% 75% 75%
  • CRITICAL THINKING – 100% 100% 100%
  • CREATIVITY – 75% 75% 75%
  • LISTENING – 75% 75% 75%

Student Testimonials  

I studied in VIC for 9 months. It was the best experience that I’ve ever had. I had a lot of fun and made a lot of friends from around the world. I met the best staff; they always helped me in any moment. I miss my friends, teachers and advisor every day. Thank you Vancouver and VIC

Adolfi, Panama

Thanks to VIC, I could able to enjoy a wonderful experience with my son Nicolás, learning English immersively while we lived the multicultural environment of the beautiful Vancouver. We have felt supported us at all times by VIC, like family. It was definitely a great choice, I totally recommend them. I never thought learn so much, while we occupied our free time doing tourism and to practice our English even more. I'm sure I'll be back soon!

Alexis, Ecuador

Studying at VIC was the best experience I’ve ever had. Before I came to Canada I thought “it's going to be hard to learn English and live in a country with a different language”, but I was totally surprised that everyone is friendly and very kind, Thanks VIC for everything you did for me and teaching me English.

Ali Bin, UAE

I had an amazing, incredible and unforgettable experience in Canada. People who work at VIC and classmates are very nice! I really enjoyed all the activities that VIC offered especially and pancakes day (the best one!!) I really think Vancouver is the best city to go and learn English because you have a lot of places where you can go and meet a lot of people from different countries and also learn about other cultures. I miss a lot Vancouver and VIC. Thank you for everything, now my heart is full with the best experiences, emotions and people. l'll never forget you! And I will try to go back!

Antonia, Chile

When I arrived Vancouver I was so excited about go to my first day in VIC it was just 7 months ago I will miss many teachers they are awesome and they helped to speak English very well, and this school is the best for me

Aurelio, Venezuela 

I spent 6 month at VIC. Coming to Canada was the best decision of my life. Learning English was difficult but also exciting and fun. I met many friends from different countries but the best experience was finding myself in a new country.

Carolina, Mexico

It was so amazing, when I arrived to Vancouver was so difficult for me, but his views and his people improved my stay in Vancouver, I am in love of Vancouver. VIC helped me to speak English and make new friends.

Eduardo, Mexico

These six months studying at VIC have been the best adventures in my life. I met amazing people and I learned a lot from them. Thank you, VIC staff and teachers, for helping me to improve my English. I will never forget you!

Gabriela, Mexico

I had a great experience at VIC! I was here for 9 weeks and during that time I met new people from different countries and learned about other cultures. Everything was new to me I would like to come back again; all the people are really kind and I learned a lot. Thank you for everything VIC!

Guadalupe, Argentina

When I came to Vancouver I couldn’t understand English and I was scared. Now I can understand and speak fluently. I met wonderful people who became my friends. The city is pretty amazing. I am so grateful to VIC for everything they did for me. Thanks to them I could achieve my goals.

Javier, Colombia

It was an amazing experience to be students of this great school. I had the opportunity to meet and have friends from different countries. I am leaving happy and grateful with everyone. I will miss everything. I hope I can come back some day. Thanks for everything VIC.

Jorge, Mexico

Studying with my daughters in the same school was one of the best experiences in my life. We came together to VIC - English for Children and Families program and we had a great time. We not only improved our language skills but made friends from around the world and had everlasting memories as a family. My kids gained confidence speaking English and interacting with people from diverse cultures. VIC has excellent teachers and a friendly environment. Thank you VIC!

Miguel, Danna and Monse Davila, Mexico

It was cool to study at VIC, I felt at home and enjoyed playing with my new friends while learning English. I met other cultures, as well as some words in Chinese with my friend Andy, others in Portuguese with my friend Vitor and even in Japanese with my friend Ana. Vancouver is a beautiful city, I remember the Science World and the Aquarium, but what I liked the most was playing in Whistler´s snow! I want to return soon!

Nicolás, Ecuador

I enjoyed all my time in Vancouver. I met a lot of people and made new friends. I had many great experiences that I will remember for the rest of my life. “Let me tell you something: Not only learn English but also enjoy your life in Canada”. Thank you VIC Family

Oscar, Mexico

My experience at VIC was amazing! When I just arrived to Vancouver I was scared but my teachers, classmates and VIC staff were always kind to me. VIC helped me to learn English quickly, and I was never bored. At VIC I made a lot of friends from other countries that I will never forget

Perla, Mexico

Studying English at VIC was a great experience. My brother and I improved our language skills and had a great time in Vancouver.

Roman, Italy

Studying at VIC was one of the best experiences I've ever had. Everyone was so kind and nice there. I made a lot of new friends and knew about different spots. The teachers were way good as well. I felt like home!

Sebastian, Paraguay

My children and I joined ECF program at VIC. It was great for me to be a student again. All the teachers are professional and helpful so, my English skill improved more than I expected. My children enjoyed their classes and had so much fun. It was an excellent decision to choose VIC as our school. I appreciate all the help from VIC teachers. We had a wonderful vacation in Vancouver.

Se-Yun Chens, Taiwan

I am very happy for choosing VIC to study English. People are very friendly, students and teachers and staff always made me feel comfortable, very much at home. I am taking with me my best memories! Thank you VIC.

Sofia, Argentina

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