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English for Children & Families (ECF). At VIC, you and your family can improve your English language skills at the same time, at the same place and with the same schedule. ECF at VIC makes it convenient and easy for the whole family to experience English in Vancouver. Children ages 6-14 explore English in an immersion environment with other children from around the world. Parents choose courses from VIC’s comprehensive adult English programs. VIC’s friendly and supportive TESL Canada certified teachers ensure each student receives personalized attention and support. At ECF, all English abilities are welcome.

Why #weloveECF?

Together for

Better Future

  • Build a strong English foundation for all skills in academic, grammar-based ESL classes.
  • Encourage individual growth with weekly textbook units and tests, daily homework and 1-1 feedback.
  • Bring classroom material to life with i-tools multimedia.
  • Elementary School Preparation, and teaching Canadian social dynamics.

Field Trips ECF offers a year-round program that includes educational field trips. Big Pictures we will provide pictures with description

Enhance classroom material with real-world experience

Reinforce learning with hands-on activities and/or experiments

Explore exciting and educational sites in Vancouver

Increase test scores, field trips and hands-on make the learning experience more memorable.

Gives the opportunity to bond with other students in the new environment.

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